Fluid Machinery Lab Equipments

Liquid vesture lab equipments as settle for ability in accomplishment altered styles of analysis rigs and testing equipments as per necessities of the abridgment offered by altered universities and engineering faculties. All the check Rigs that square measure deed and acknowledgment turbines together with, Pelton wheel rotary engine check Rigs, Francis turbine analysis Rigs. We do the casting of the body of Pelton wheel turbine test rigs, Francis turbine test rig and Kaplan turbine test rigs. All the machining works and retrofitting are done under the guided supervision of industry based experts. Motors and pumps are purchased from Kirloskar. Hydraulic Ram Test Rig is manufactured at our manufacturing unit is one of the best and it used in the hilly area to pump the water to the field of Agricultural people. Gear Oil Pump Test Rig is manufactured with Gear oil pump and is the measurement of pump capacity of the test rig. It is used in industry and quite capable of checking the efficiency and load of the system. Reciprocating pump test rig is quite important equipments in Fluid machinery lab equipments as it is observed that most common used pump are fitted and efficiency of the pumps has to be determined as per the industry norms and students find it useful.